How Women React to MGTOW

The bottom line is this; most women are scared shitless of knowing that there are men …not just some NEET, out of shape, lazy guys who don’t have anything to offer them, but good, decent looking, quality men that know their path and make a good living for themselves…that don’t need women, and even worse don’t want them. This hostility and these shaming tactics are just a manifestation of fear and insecurity on their part. It’s only natural; men usually have much more to offer in a relationship than women do. Women hate it when you won’t let them have a slice of your pie.

If typewriters and fax machines could think and speak, I’d imagine they’d have had a similar reaction to computers and e-mail as these women are having to the MGTOW. When women abdicated their traditional gender roles, they said it was “empowerment and liberation”. But now that men are abdicating their traditional gender roles of meal ticket and meat shield, women are crying foul.

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