WARNING For All Men Using Tinder

So here is a serious warning to all those men who rely on Tinder and other dating apps to meet women online.
Rebecca Judd who is an Australian radio presenter has spoken out against the use of apps and filters that dramatically alter women’s appearances on social media.
Discussing apps such as Facetune, she said on the 3PM Pick-Up radio show on KIIS FM, and called digital enhancements as ‘appalling’.
“You can actually give yourself boobs, shrink in your waist, make your bum bigger like the whole Kim Kardashian look and it explains so many things ’cause there are these bodies I’ve been seeing on Instagram and I think…where do your lungs go, where does your stomach go, how does it even work?” she asked on afternoon radio show 3PM Pick-Up on KIIS FM.
Becca Judd also admitted she has seen people in her Instagram feed that she suspects could be using beauty enhancement apps to slim their bodies.
She even when so far as to say that the difference can be so stark that people may not recognise Instagram personalities in real life.
She told the radio hosts that she can tell when someone has used one of the apps because the background of the image will be distorted.

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