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Basically do not fall for “need to be saved” women . This can be the worst decision you made in your life and it can ruin you both financially and emotionally . Trust your instinct and if anything raise red flag just forget about her regardless how beautiful she is …

Nothing can kill you as fast as marrying wrong woman . What you should focus on if you are in your 30s and how to determine if woman really wants to be with you or she is just trying to fulfill her biological need to reproduce …

Why Women Hate Nice Guys – MGTOW The more a man worships a women the less she respects him. The more a man does for a women or women in general the less she and they respect him. Groucho Marx knew why. Join me, Howard Dare as I discus this and related issues.

Reasons Why Men Are Opting Out of Work and Life – MGTOW Find out why men are opting of work and life in general. Find out why men no longer build relationships get married or build families. Find out why men no longer want to work for the company and are going MGTOW.

Being a millionaire is hard work… you have young, gorgeous women throwing themselves at you to go out on dates, asking to go for a cruise in your Ferrari and they are begging to come and party with you. So how does a wealthy, young millionaire bachelor find a girlfriend, a unicorn or a NAWALT […]

Good solid advice. I’m a new subscriber so apologies if you’ve covered it before. My question to you is finding your passion in life and making a living from it, and what in your opinion is the best way to go about finding it? For someone e.g. myself , 28 year old male, college drop […]

Marc Rudov OWNING and debating a stupid dry fish feminist Tracy Byrnes about who has happier lifestyles after 40, men or women? Just so you know, feminism has made women miserable. They want to stay at home and look after kids and the house, not work like a slave. Please support my work, either through […]