Re inventing Yourself After Divorce – Red Pill

Good solid advice. I’m a new subscriber so apologies if you’ve covered it before. My question to you is finding your passion in life and making a living from it, and what in your opinion is the best way to go about finding it? For someone e.g. myself , 28 year old male, college drop out x 2, roaming from job to job etc without ever really being motivated enough to enjoy it. Right now I’m training to become a special needs assistant, and working security part time, but again I get this dreaded feeling that I’m just going through the motions. I’m okay on the women front, without being boastful I don’t struggle to meet women. Granted I look at women as nothing more than sex objects. I don’t treat them with any disrespect, but I honestly only want that one thing. Marriage, relationships, children etc do not appeal to me what so ever. I do come from a broken home where my father after his divorce lost everything. Admittedly this is a contributing factor in me choosing to remain single, but right now im okay with it. I really and truly struggle on the what is life part, and will I ever really find my passion and enjoy life. Apologies for the long post. Really enjoy few videos I’ve seen so far, keep it up, it’s appreciated.
Richard I love watching your videos, they are very informative. I would like to get your advice on reinventing yourself because I’m separated from my wife and highly considering a divorce. Since I’ve been with my wife I’ve found myself lacking in motivation and energy. I’ve always been the type of man to be on top of my game but I need some advice on how to regain that momentum and motivation. I’m not the type of person to sit around boo hooing I believe that being successful is the best revenge in most cases. I’m pretty sure there are many other guys going through the same struggles as I am. I know I’ve always tried to do right by my wife but she continues to downgrade my efforts because of her inner issues. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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